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Chisel Grinding Jig

Chisel Grinding Jig
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Price: $185.00
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Model: WGJ-02
Manufacturer: QWS
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  • Made from steel and aluminum.
  •  sharpen bowl gouges, spindle gouges, detail gouges, roughing gouges, parting tools, skews, scrapers as well as carving tools, scissors and drill bits.
  • Create fingernail, detail and side grinds effortlessly and consistently
  • Contents:-

    2 x Bases, 1 x Vee Arm, Tool Rest, Fingernail profile jig.

    Setting up the jig

    For best results the jig should be attached to your bench or a board underneath your grinder.

    The Base needs to be mounted perfectly centered underneath the grinder.

    Slide the vee arm and tool rest in to ensure that it is centred with the wheel.

    The front of the base needs to be flush with the grinding wheel and 1/2" or less from the front of the board.

    Once in position attach 3 wood screws in the holes of the base.

    A minimum of 6" is required from the base to the centre of the wheel, some smaller grinders may require a riser placed underneath, this is needed if any part of the jig interferes with the guards of the grinder.

    Using the Vee Arm

    The vee arm is used to grind all of your gouges with a standard grind, for a side or fingernail grind see below on how to use the side grind attachment.

    Slide the vee arm into the base. Make sure your grinder is turned off, place the handle of your gouge in the vee arm pocket. Slide the arm in and out of the base until the bevel lays flat on the wheel, then lock into place. Make sure that the gouge sits above the grinding wheel otherwise it can shoot back and injure you. Remove the gouge and turn your grinder on, carefully touch the wheel with the gouge, check the position of the vee arm by lifting off the tool and checking the grind marks.

    If the grind marks are even on the whole bevel than the vee arm is adjusted properly. If the marks are only on the cutting edge you will need to re adjust the vee arm. If the grind marks are on the bottom of the tool away from the cutting edge then you will need to move the vee arm out.

    Using the Tool Rest

    The tool rest is used to grind all your skews, parting tools and scrapers. With the grinder turned off slide the tool rest into the base. Place your tool on the rest and adjust to the desired angle, once in place tighten. Turn on your grinder and grind your tool.

    Using the Fingernail profile jig

    The side grind attachment is used to sharpen your spindle, detail and bowl gouges, giving them a fingernail or a side grind. Make sure the tool is sticking out 50mm from the jig, a simple template can be made and attached to the board. Repeat the same steps as in using the vee arm except place the side grind attachment into the vee arm pocket. Swing the handle from side to side letting the weight of the tool do the work. To get a longer grind, simply move the vee arm further back and adjust the angle.

    Recommended Angles

    Detail Gouge 35°

    Roughing Gouge 45°

    Skew Chisel 30°

    Bowl Gouge 45°

    Bowl Gouge Side Grind 65°


    Grinding Wheels

    For best results use a 8" aluminium oxide wheel between 46 and 80 grit. Wheel needs to dress regularly for optimum performance.

    Honing After the tool has been on the grinding wheel it is essential to then hone, we recommend a diamond lap or slipstone.


    All guards have been removed for photo purposes, we strongly recommend guards are always used as well aseye protection e.g.. safety glasses or a face shield.

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Chisel Grinding Jig
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Chisel Grinding Jig
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Chisel Grinding Jig
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Chisel Grinding Jig
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Chisel Grinding Jig
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