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Yorkshire Grit Paste Microfine

Yorkshire Grit Paste Microfine
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Model: YG-Microfine
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Yorkshire Grit Paste Microfine

A hand blended mix of mineral oil, beeswax and microfine abrasive powders designed to leave a highly polished surface on resins, hybrids and wood.

Best results are achieved by using Original Yorkshire Grit Woodturners Abrasive paste prior to Microfine, if this is not possible then sand to at least 600 grit ensuring you have a flawless even surface.

If you are using Microfine directly after dry sanding apply a thin sanding sealer, leave to cure and de-nib. With the lathe stationary use a paper towel to apply a small amount of paste to the work piece working it into the grain until uniform coverage is achieved. Start the lathe at a slow speed approx, 500rpm or less and using the same applicator work the paste into the wood for a minute or two. Depending on the material you are abrading you may need to top up the paste on the applicator towel until the desired finish is achieved.

Once you are satisfied with the level of finish use a clean paper towel to keep moving across the area with moderate pressure and increasing rpm until the residue stops showing on the towel, for hybrids and resin pieces you are now ready for buffing if you are aiming for a glass clear finish. Wooden pieces are now ready for your preferred finish. Please note care should be taken to ensure all Microfine residue is removed prior to using any lacquer based finishes.

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